Rotating mirrored, then grouped, geometry

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create a set of 4 louvre doors, which are mirrored and rotate around their respective midpoints.

I’m creating the half-door using piped geometry of a rectangle and internal diagonals.

Then I’m mirroring that half door to form the complete door.

Next I group these doorparts to make sure I get a single point of rotation for each group.

It’s almost working, the only problem is that I have a set of 4 half doors that rotate seperately along another plane.

forumquestion rotate (25.4 KB)


Graft mistake maybe ?

forumquestion rotate (24.0 KB)

Hi Teddy,

Good to meet you again!

thanks for the reply, the problem persist however. it seems I’m getting some strange results from the mirror component.

Canvas at 12;00;43

It’s actually stemming from the merge component strangely enough

Notice that I used Simplify on the inputs.


If you are not reluctant to plugins, Smart Merge is a definitive answer to Merge´s tedious behaviour :smiley: I should think about releasing this at some point
magicteddy.gha (73.5 KB)

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I will give it a go straigth away, thank you so much!

just out of curiousity

Since you are making your own plugins, I’m assuming you’re not a part of the GH dev team, correct? How did you became so skilled and involved with the GH forum/community?

Thanks again for all the help.

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