Rotating diameter dimension in RH7 vs RH6

In RH6 I used to be able to rotate a diameter or radial dimension around its center point by selecting and dragging the text grip. In RH7, dragging the text grip has the effect of repositioning the text but not the arrow direction. Dragging the arrow grip doesn’t seem to work right in either RH6 or RH7 when the dimensions are in layout space (either a red crossed circle symbol shows up if snaps are disabled, or if snaps are enabled the dimension arrow snaps to some random location in model space even I’m in layout view). Is there a way to rotate the dimension arrow in RH7 in layout space without drawing a new one? Hopefully there’s an optional setting that can make the RH7 behavior in this regard the same as RH6.

hi @Interstellar_Vagabon thanks for reporting. I just tested this in both V6 and V7 and found the behavior to be the same. Repositioning of the arrow can be done by dragging the arrow handle, repositioning the text by dragging the text handle.
Indeed in Layout Space this is not possible, I logged that as RH-71653 Editing Radial Dims or Diameter Dims in Layout Space doesn’t work as expected

There is however a workaround: you can select both the center point and the arrow handle, and rotate these simultaniously.

Thanks, Gijs. With the workaround I have to issue a rotate command and specify a center point rather than just clicking and dragging with the mouse. A bit of a pain, but should work for now.