Rotating decal - no repeat - still repeats

I added a decal and had to rotate it 2º, but then the picture “repeated” itself from the opposite side.

How can this be avoided?


Rhino 7.3.21012.11001, 01/12/2021

// Rolf

Rendered or Raytraced mode?

Rendered mode. I don’t see any decal at all in Raytraced mode [X].

In Raytraced mode the part with the decal (one side of a swiss knife) also doesn’t pick up the layer material, not even if they’re placed on the same layer (upper picture: o--o ) although in Rendered mode it works as expected (lower picture)



Playing around trying things, I have no idea why this wouldn’t work.
Swiss Knife - Debug.3dm (8.8 MB)

// Rolf

Yep, I see this in rendered, not in raytraced, so far.

@RIL the texture itself is rotated within the decal frame by a few degrees - looks like if you only rotate the decal widget and not the texture all is well . (But I think I’d expect raytraced to show the ‘repeat’ at the edges as well with the rotated texture.)


I believe this build had non-functional decal on Raytraced. This has since been fixed.

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@nathanletwory Yes, I installed the latest SRC and everything looks ok in Raytraced. However, Rendered still repeats the decal.

@pascal , OK, now I see the widget thingy. Yeah, rotating the widget does the trick.

// Rolf