Rotating a surface where its intersections act as a stopping parameter

Hi Everyone, I’m trying to achieve two things here in the image. I want to have these blades point towards the center of the square and then have the offset square act as the rotation parameter for the blades so it stops within the outer square.


The blade definition is on the far right
Universal window (47.6 KB)

I would start by aligning the “blades” toward the center point. (white group)

Universal window (49.3 KB)

Rotation of each shape to collision boundaries is a whole different matter!

By the way, that is an extraordinarily complicated model!!!

Thanks Joseph ,
Now how could i got about rotating them, the idea is i’m trying to make it work like a camera aperture.

Also the reason its complicated could be because I had hidden geometry or my lacking in grasshopper knowledge :sweat_smile:.
This image shows the full geometry with the “box control” group on and that outer frame is where i’m trying to have a rotating aperture.

I get the general idea but am not going to write it for you. I added an ‘Angle’ slider to rotate the blades but getting each one to stop at a collision point gets much more complicated…

Universal window (51.0 KB)

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Thanks so much, Joseph, this is great!