Rotating a planar object to be parallel with XY

I’ ve selected several planar objects from my complex 3D model. These objects are randomly tilted in the space.

I need to rotate them so they are all parallel with XY plane and move or project them to z=0. The point is to convert it into a 2D shape which I can import into the ECAD tool as a DXF file.

What tools should I use?
Thanks for your help.

Hello - try this:

  1. CPlane > Object option to one of the planar objects
  2. Select the object and start RemapCPlane > CPlane option and type “Top” and Enter.

Any luck?


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Well not entirely, I managed to get the first plane into the right position.
I’ m not sure I’m doing this right. I’ ll try again in the morning. However, as you can see, these planes are connected to each other. At first, I thought using the common side of two planes as an axis for rotation would be a good idea.

Thanks a lot!

Hello - if the planes are all connected, (and in fact even if not this ought to work but not all at once), but if they are, Join, then use UnrollSrf with Explode=No…



In the end I’ve drawn guiding lines and used move and rotate 3D functions. Thanks anyway!

There’s also Orient3Pt which works well for this type of thing (on a piece by piece basis).

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