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In Serengeti: I call rotate on something that is selected. When I call Zoom Selected Rhino will zoom in on the object to be rotated. Good. If, however, you click a point at the Center of rotation prompt and then call Zoom Selected (i.e. at the Angle or first reference point prompt), nothing happens.

In RH5, calling Zoom Selected at the Angle or first reference point prompt will zoom to the selected object AND the center of rotation - which doesn’t seem right either.

Hi Wim, looks like the button macro for zoom selected is missing a single quote in front. It should be '_Zoom _Selected, same applies to all macros for nestable commands.

Single quote instructs Rhino to interpret the following string as a command instead of string input. Rotate command now enables string input for the angle prompt to support entering the angle unit, like 100grad.

The center of rotation and basically any points picked for input are considered selected. The logic being that’s what you are likely interested in.

Hi Mikko,
Thanks for taking a look!

Not a button pusher here, and the ZS alias that I use (not sure if that is a default one or imported from my old RH5 settings) does have the single quote. Not sure what is going on here. When I call rotate, pick a point and then type '_zoom and after that type Selected the view does zoom to point + object as you describe. Could you double check the use of an alias?

[and I’m not necessarily agreeing with the logic used here but I can live with that :grin:]

I’m afraid aliases in general have the same problem. They are basically just strings, and aren’t interpreted as aliases if the command is expecting string input. I guess in this particular command a possible fix would be trying to run the string as a macro if it cannot be parsed as an angle.

Unless a string is made into a command by using the single quote, no?

Well, yeah, but it doesn’t help with aliases, at least not right now. 'zs doesn’t work, and I’m not sure if it would help even if it did.

BTW, here’s a list of all prefixes you can use. Some are experimental, but they’ve all been around for years:
’ interpret string as command
/ interpret string as command option

  • repeat command
    ~ suppress command options
    # record history on
    % record history off
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OK, now I’m with you. Thanks.
That does look like a can of worms :smiley:

I fixed this by making Rotate and Arc command try to run the entered string as a command script if it cannot be parsed as an angle. That makes aliases and nestable commands work like they used to.

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