Rotate while scaling down

I have spent a whole day trying to copy the attached. I have tried to make a truncated cone and slice it with Contour and rotate each piece and finally Offset each piece , but to no avail. Comes out terrible. Can you help please

Hi @marcel1
I think it’s just part of a golden spiral that has been rotated/copied around the same point and then moved up… :grimacing:
Very quick 3dm (I didn’t bother to make the “steps” the same width - just copied and scaled the bottom shape).
spiral.3dm (6.2 MB)

HTH, Jakob
Edit: In this case the rotation point is 0,0

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Ok so sorry, I was too eager to get a solution and I forgot to assign a category. Thank you for that.

Hi Jakob
Thank you were great help!. I was trying too complicated ways to do it, your advise was simple and much easier. Thanks.