Rotate splits faces on one part in bongo

Hey guys.

I have a game controller i’m working a product shot for. One of the scroll wheels has a separate alignment to the rest of the shell. The work flow so far has been to realign the wheels pivot, and center it inside the part so when it is animated it spins correctly.

After doing this, as soon as I animate it, some of the faces on the “wheel” get miss aligned to the part, and shift along the newly defined pivot a little bit.

.A few things I have tried:

-Done a pre explode and join on the wheel before starting all of this.
-Checked using the edge tools to see if the part is built wrong, which it seems fine.
-tried rotating the problem faces as well as the non problem faces at the same time, which also gives the same result.
-Tried exploded the part, and used a group + proxy point, which still also give the same result.

This is somewhat similar to bad faces I have had in the past with other parts, but they normally go away when I try to weld them closed by hand.

I’m still only 2 months into Bongo, does anyone have any ideas?

This seems to only be happening on the part that doesn’t fall along the normal world XYZ coordinates.

@ryan.labarre Would you be able to share the model with us? So that we could have a look at what’s going on?
You can email it directly to me at:

Sent, thank you!

@ryan.labarre - Thanks, got it. I’ll ask Joshua to have a look at it.

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Thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve been looking into this and for the time being you can regenerate the mesh using the ClearAllMeshes command. This should at least let you continue to work.

I’ve logged bug BO-3043 that you can follow to see when it’s fixed.

Thank you so much!

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