Rotate pipe in ApplyCurvePiping

Hi Rhino team
Can you add the option to rotate the tube when it is active faceted?

I want rotate the pipe because the face like in the picture is Always at 45 degrees.
Ciao Vittorio

What specific problem are you trying to solve with your request?

ApplyCurvePipe builds a render mesh around the curve. If you add more segments, or turn of the Faceted object property, then it will look more like a round pipe, as the command was intended to visually simulate.

Hi John
I want make a pipe with polygon section( esagon , triangle ,square etc.) like the picture , setting faceted = yes
Ciao Vittorio

Hi Vittorio,

I’d use Grasshopper for this. Here’s a definition which you can assign multiple crvs to. I have a polygon component attached for changing the number of sides to the profile. KB)

Hi Brian
Thank you for your response. I know how to use grasshopper, but this is a request to do the same in Rhino.
You can consider this my request?
Ciao Vittorio

I Agree it would not be a bad idea to have a Rotation slider ( or spinner)
for curve piping. For low poly models and the use of pipes as beams it is useful to set the rotation of the cross section polygon.