Rotate object

It seems this would be an easy task, but I can’t manage to rotate a surface the way I need to.

You might try the Rotate3D tool with Ortho on… I will try to create a video later, no time now…


Not sure if I understand the problem but see if this helps.

In perspective view run the rotate command and then select the mid section of the base as the point of rotation.

now change to one of the ortho views that suit the direction you want to rotate to. Then select the top point.

Now rotate…I just used grid snap

Back in perspective it should be how you want it if I have understood the problem. Interested to see Mitch`s video of 3d rotation because it sounds even easier that what I just did.

Here’s my video… – Mitch

Excellent Mitch. Thanks

Thanks Mitch! It’s all so simple once it’s shown.

I’ve always been fascinated with the tetrahedron. I’ve a sculptural idea to use it by deforming it in iterations. How difficult would it be to assign a fixed length to one edge and then modify the remaining edges my a numerical pattern? Can a distance be assigned using the midpoint of one edge of a triangle and it’s opposite corner?