Rotate Multiple Geometries Randomly in their X,Y Z planes about centroid

Seems very simple, but cant get my head around it.
I’ve searched high & low for a simple solution but can’t seem to find one…all seem to be for curves.

All I want to do is:

  1. Select some modelled geometry.
  2. Run the script to randomly rotate them in all planes.
  3. Bake.

Help would be really appreciated!
Thanks! (10.1 KB)

Hi there - Thanks Kim! Really appreciate you helping out.
What would I need to change if I already have the geometry modelled, and just want to be able to randomly rotate them?

This scripts seems to create set geometry for me.

Just use Orientwith the output result of Adjust Planeas the target planes to transform your custom geometry.

If you had posted your own geometry (as highly recommended), this question would have been answered in any reply.

Sorry - thank you. I will make sure I do in future!