Rotate, Mirror or Polar array Text

Hello there

I have tried to use Polar Array (rotate=yes), Rotate Copy, and Mirror text around a circle, but once the text text passes the 180 deg rotation, its reversely rotated (pls see the attached file and the Text shown in red for various examples.)

I assume this is a feature for the text command so that it stays headsup, however I do want the text to following the rotation progressively after passing through the 180deg mark.

Would anyone know a way to override this default?

Thank you so much!

YutakaArray or Mirror Text.3dm (392.7 KB)

Hi Yutaka,

uncheck this box: “Text reads forward…”

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Hi Martin

Thank you so much its working now! Btw, great work on your website too, amazing!

Thanks a lot and best wishes!

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