Rotate Link chain origin

Dear all,

How can I rotate the Link Chain origin around an axis? When assigning the Link Chain origin it is rotated in a way that is not ‘logical’ looking at the part. I need to orient one of the axis to an edge, which will solve my problem.

The reason I need to do this is to simplify the animation of this part. Now if I initiate a linear translation along x or y, the part moves diagonally, not what I wish.


I’m not sure what you mean by ‘Link Chain’. Presumably you mean the Pivot of an animated object?

The pivot can be rotated using the BongoRotatePivot command (which has its button in Bongo’s Properties Panel).
It allows rotation of the pivot along the normal of the used viewport (e.g. Z in the Perspective Viewport).

Thanks, I managed. I used BongoOrientPivot instead.

Fine, whatever suits you best. Indeed BongoOrientPivot is more comfortable for 3-dimensional alignment.