Rotate Each, In Place

I have a Feature request:

It would be really helpful to have a RotateEach function that would preform the same action on each object selected, but not around their combined center, instead around each individual object’s center. If it had the same inputs as RotateView it would be a great tool.

If an object was grouped it would select the cent of the group and rotate it as one (keeping any relationships intact.

Illustrator has this function (Transform Each) and I use it pretty often. I know I can do it with Grasshopper or with scripting but seems like a nice command/button to be standard.

Similarly a ScaleEach command would have come in handy many time.

Not holding my breath for this but I think many people could use it.

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_BoxEdit command can do that, but I don’t think It considers Groups… It would be a nice addition to it though (@Dale?)


BoxEdit is great, but also a little heavy. That said it brings up two good points.

  1. Having a “maintain groups” check box would be great.
  2. I am wanting to currently rotate something in paperspace (annotations of drawings) so there is no Z information (or it is 0?) so maybe there is a separate specific command in the drafting tools?

I’m confused - BoxEdit respects group objects. And if you check the “Copy objects” box, group objects that are transformed will be grouped (too). What am I missing?

– Dale

Dale -

Thank you. You didnt quite answer my questions (because I was asking a different question but you made me reevaluate what I was doing. I was entering rotation information the in the X and Y input fields in rotate, and not in the Z input field! Fixed that.

That said I still now think a couple commands that do this more simply would be nice (for drafting the Z is all that matters for rotate and so a command that acts similar to RotateView but for each object would be pretty sweet.

All the said you just made my next 2 hours way way shorter! Thank you.

Hi Dale,

If you check “Transform objects individually”, the Groups are not considered individual objects, I guess that’s what would be helpful to have, as an option.

Try making 2 boxes, Group them, do individual rotation transform X,Y,Z all centers…


Dale -

Actually I can’t get this to work. I tested it on a single grouped object and it worked (hence my earlier response).

Sadly It does not work on multiple objects and rotate each of them relative own their center. It rotates all of the object about the collective center, or something else weird. See images below.

Am I missing something again? I have tried so many different combinations withing BoxEdit but nothing is working.

Thanks again,


You can either check ““Transform objects individually”” and have every single object rotated individually, or uncheck for single transform of entire selection. From what I can tell Groups are not honored in BoxEdit.