Rotate curved surface around centroid (perpendicular)

Hi there, struggling to get this to work.
I have some set surfaces, that are curved, and I wand to rotate them all vary degrees perpendicular to themselves.

I’ve had a go and attached what I have with some manual tests.
The plan would be for me to select the bottom row - rotate them all perpendicular to themselves say 90 degrees, then select the next row and rotate a differing amount.
Any help? Thanks in advance!

201214_Rotate Surface along Normal (43.9 KB)

Like this?

201214_Rotate Surface along Normal (55.5 KB)


  1. Your Srf param is not internalized.
  2. Your slider is degrees but Rot3D expects radians unless you right-click the ‘A’ input and choose ‘Degrees’ .
  3. The Rot3D ‘X’ (Axis) input wants the ‘normal’ vector, not a point.

P.S. Wait, sorry, it’s even worse. EvalSrf doesn’t want the Area ‘C’ (Centroid):man_facepalming:

Rotate (46.9 KB)

P.P.S. 50K units from the origin!? Why, oh why?

Almost! But along the other axis…

201214_Rotate Surface along Normal (52.4 KB)

Superstar - thank so much!

Three possible axes of rotation to make an object “perpendicular to itself”, it helps to be specific.

Yep - appreciate your feedback thank you. Learning as I go here…I do need to take some tutorials on this but kinda been thrown in at the deep-end! So learning as I go…will try and be as specific and clear as I can be in future. Thanks again!