Rotate an vector in rhinopython

Hey there! I have an vector in python and using “get …” method i want to rotate it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Hello- I am not sure I understand the question without a bit of code but there are lots of methods to dealo with vectors in Rhino Common, including Rotate:

-Pascal (540 Bytes)
hello, this is the code that i’m working on, i couldn’t get what’s the problem because i’m new to rhinopython. If you could help me i really appreciate it. thanks in advance.

Hello - you need rs.VectorRotate(). The rs functions that deal with ‘objects’ need guids as inputs - that is identifiers of objects in the Rhino document.


It seems like you are trying to define your own Vector type, wondering did you try Rhino.Geometry.Vector3d instead? You will be able to rotate it using rs.VectorRotate().