Rotate Along Parallel

So I am trying to rotate a box so that the edge is parallel with a line, and thought I could do it with “along parallel” object snap. Here is what I tried.

  1. Select the rotate command.
  2. Pick the point of rotation.
  3. Pick the first reference point, along the edge of the box.
  4. For the second reference Point I want to initiate the “along parallel” snap so that I get a project from the rotation point that is parallel to the line. But when I control click the along parallel nothing seem to happen.

The best way to do this (as I would do it) is use orient command.

Orient>select the rectangle>ref point 1 is the left corner (below)>second ref point is the opposite corner>Target point is the left corner (below) of the rectangle>2nd target point is the perp onsnap of the far end of the line (see picture)




Hi Dennis- I see that the AlongParallel snap is not recognized inside Rotate- seems like it should be.


Thanks that does work.

Yes I think it should be.

Thank. It’s helpful.