Rotate 3D multiple plane, and there are some randomly rotate upside down

I try to rotate multiple plane along the vectory line

by the way, there are some plane that act differently from the other even though there z-axis when added are identical to another. In the picture above you will see one plane turn up side down (item list no. 3)

What is the cause of this issue ?

When you define a plane by z axis, it can theoretically have any rotation around this axis. The plane normal usually does a good job at guessing what you would need but not always.
If you add align planes they will probably align the way you want. But it’s always better to upload the file itself (one cannot understand a lot of things from the pic)

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Thanks, and it works by adding align planes after plane normal as you stated. By the way, my problem of my file is it contains a lot of other elements that don’t involve with the problem and very fragmented.

@anikolo now, after I can turns that plane upside down as same as the other but it seems they have an opposite x and y axis. For example, if I draw the line on another plane extend to the right this plane will extend that line to the left instead.

From my own investigation I really doubted that it occurs due to using Deconstruct Plane after Line SDL to create their ref plane causing the plane rotation become unpredictable.

I don’t know where your planes are in relation to each other so I cannot help you…
again, it’s always difficult to guess exactly what you mean and depending on the situation the solution might be different.
You can always isolate the critical part by selecting “internalize data” on the input and upload only what’s important to the question.
have a look at this:

Not at all I’m afraid (in most of real-life cases anyway). Use instead the classic stuff and be a happy bunny (Dot/Cross Products). And given the opportunity after finishing(?) the big baroque thing take the challenge and do some other I.M.Pei style thing (Pyramid entrance etc etc): Deploy correctly planes along a variety of spirals, trust either Rhino or Aris, Orient profiles (use ALWAYS World.XY for the seed stuff) and do some ramps:


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