Rosetta vs parallels

Hi all

I’m looking to buy the new MacBook Pro M1. Does anyone know what will preform the best, rosetta or parallels?

Best Mikkel

That’s a false equivalency.

Rosetta is the macOS Big Sur/Monterrey translation layer provided by Apple on M1 Macs to run Mac software complied for the older Intel CPU.

Parallels is a virtual environment that allows you to install and run Windows and Windows software under macOS.
Virtualization in general, and Parallels specifically, are not supported environments for Rhino for Windows.

best you give it a spin, from what i read is that parallels performs pretty well on M1. since Rhino for these chips is still under development and since you can use the same licence for both versions i dont see why you should not compare both and see what works better.

It will be +/- the same performance. I’ve tried both.

Graphics features and performance is where problems will occur under parallels. We have a lot of trouble supporting their OpenGL drivers.

I wonder what Parallels will do now with the ARM chips. I used to run Turbocad on the Mac in Parallels and it ran really well. I switched to Rhino when a native Mac version became available. I can’t imagine Parallels will run like it did on Intel mac.