Rope knot in rhino

@Brenda, @DiegoKrause, excellent posts :heart_eyes:

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Thanks, to future test I would recommend to use simply pipes instead of curvepiping to get some UV direction for better mapping.
The choice of mesh pipes was to improve the flow time calculation but then for render is not a good result. Maybe using Matchmapping with the original meshes should help, custom mapping as well, I guess.

Here there is some easy solution for this topic: Google Play Knots 3D

How do you create the four helix about a curve to create the rope?

just one helix and then array polar around the line

Thank you. Managed to make the rope. Been trying to flow it along the helix wound around the spool, but no luck. Suggestions?

can you post the file? is just a _Flow. Select the rope, the base line inside it and as a target line the helix on the shaft

I tried as you say, but my computer just hangs (new computer with lots of power). What am I doing wrong? Have a look:

HELIX ROPE.3dm (7.3 MB)

two things:
Move the objects closest to the origin and also convert the pipes into meshes, afterall is just for visualization and it improves the workflow and flow calculation.

Another thing you might try: make a single turn as a block, then place as many blocks as you need spaced along the β€œaxle” axis at exactly one turn pitch. Would help, of course, if the rope textures matched beginning to end.