Rooster plugin in Shape diver

Hi! I’m trying to upload a GH code, that I’ve made by using the rooster plugin. It seems to not be supported by the shape diver component. I need to transform an image to a list of curves. Do you know any other plugin that I could use instead? or Is there any possibility that shape diver could handle the rooster plugin?


Bake the curves then internalize them before using with ShapeDiver.

@ruthgoga97 we will very very soon support the rooster plugin but as we did with the squid plugin, we created our own version that is able to handle images that come from an external source (URL or uploaded image to the cloud application). We will let you know when the plugin gets supported.


Thak you! That was what I did, but I want to be able to update different curves or convert images into curves online. Is there any option with which you can draw online?

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Thank you!! That would be awsome, please let me know when you add it!