I’m the developer of the RoomSurveyor plugin for Grasshopper.

RoomSurveyor plugin implements iterative triangulation algorithms to assist users to survey rooms, either orthogonal or non-orthogonal, and automating the drawing of the as-is survey. RoomSurvey components in particular, can be used to deploy an interactive workflow of space survey for non-expert users that mimics the empiric surveying workflows used by architects. This enables the possibility of developing low-key design interfaces for mass-customizable systems where contextual information is required. Having RoomSurveyor supported by ShapeDiver is the natural path forward as it would enable the deployment of these design interfaces on the web.

RoomSurveyor is the result of my PhD research developed at ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa / ISTAR-IUL research center. It includes interactive triangulation algorithms (da Silva Brandão et al. 2020) to assist the accurate survey of non-convex rooms and a few other utilities to handle 2D Polygons.

Two versions of the RoomSurvey algorithm are currently offered: the first, described in (Brandao et al. 2019), is more effective in rooms with few non-orthogonal corners; a second one, RoomSurvey Strict, privileges shortest diagonals and is more effective in rooms with no orthogonal corners. Both versions of the algorithm still have some rough edges, particularly in situations where the diagonals are nearly collinear with the room sides.

Looking forward to hear from you.


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Thank you for the request, it seems that the plugin could be useful for ShapeDiver users. We will review its functionalities and let you know if it can be supported as is or would need some modifications to become compatible with ShapeDiver.

Hello @mathieu1! Any news on this?