Is it possible to apply windows to floorslabs/roofs to create roofwindows skylights?

Hi @rheinason,

This is not currently possible, but it is in our wishlist, so it will be implemented in a future VisualARQ version.



what’s the status of this? would be a very useful/essential feature indeed

Hi @Florisd, there are no news on this development, unfortunately. We will study to implement it in version 3.x. We will keep you posted.

Thanks for the reply @fsalla. I could imagine it working very flexibly for any va object with any other with the introduction of a va ‘void’ object- either embedded in the va object style, Windows or other styles as well (similar to revit voids within families) or also as a seperate object (useful for elevator/Mep shafts). I am aware of the subtract solid command but this way it could potentially be a much more dynamic & flexible tool. just an idea though, not sure how difficult implementation would be…