Roofing structure

Hello guys, I am an unexperienced grasshopper user and I am having issues to pannel a roof based on a brep interaction with a surface. I am not being able to make it uniform flowing along the surface (it is distorced). I tried 2 methods, but none seems to deliver it.

If anyone could help me with this it would be awesome. Thanks! (4.1 KB)

You need to internalize your geometry inputs. (25.8 KB) (25.8 KB)

here it is

Joseph is right, it is not good to duplicate thread (so destroy the second), you can add some new description in order to give more informations. So the thread will “go up” in the list and be visible to people. Many people read this thread (111 views), there was 5 upload of your script …

Your problem is simple or very complex. Can you define Uniform? If you want to put same tile size, it will not be possible to have the same number of tiles on each turn … It is surely not easy for a carpenter to tile a non planar roof, it is the same here.

Try to put a little sketch and a better description. You can also read that.