Roof slope

I am unable to set the slope of the roof slabs.
I am trying to set the slopes of all the slabs to 49 degrees in the properties panel.

roof.3dm (2.8 MB)

Hi @ME_Mark,

It seems you find a new bug in VisualARQ 2.0.16. I’ve been investigating, and the bug is in the code that checks that the slopes are valid. More in detail: the slope angle is clamped between -90º and +90º minus a tolerance, to avoid completely vertical slopes. The problem is that we used the “distance tolerance”, instead of the “angle tolerance”, so in a millimeters document, the tolerance is 1.0 units, which in angular units (radians) is almost 57.3º, so you can only insert values beteween -32.7º and +32.7º.

I’ve already fixed the bug in VisualARQ 2.0.17. Here is the latest installer for Rhino 5 (64 bit) if you need it now:



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Thank you!