Roof meshes don’t follow the beams

meshes not following


Meshes on a roof don’t follow the beams being bent down. When doing a wind pressure test the meshes are forming the surfaces exposed to the wind pressure. Still, they don’t bend down with the beams in the beam view display. Is it a connection problem somewhere?

Hi @ingemar, the meshes will only deform if they are shell elements (and connected to the same ModelView component as your BeamView). If you are just applying it as a load, it will not deform.

OK Matthew, fine. I got the shells, now deformed and the model mass (kg) responds to changes in shell cross section height. Suppose it just adds to the gravity by the material although not specified as a load. Correct?
I still need the wind load(s) though, taken by the meshes (at slightly different angles due to a rounded roof). The Rhino still shows the meshes – as before, not deformed. So, I have now two surface types in parallel. Can I hide the meshes somehow to make the graphics easier to understand?
Mesh and Shell in parallel