Rolled tube for section?

Say I want to model a “rolled” steel, square tube… that is 2" x 2" sq x 1/4" THK

essentially this is a “donut” shape but the steel tube still has a 1/4" thickness…

I used to use a sq pipe script but Im not sure that allows for a thickness? when I do my sections, I need the tube capped…


Show some pictures, screenshots. Add a file and you’ll get the help you need.

I think either you’ll need to run the square pipe script twice - once for the outside surface, once for the inside surface, then planar surfaces for the ends and join, or, run the outside only and use OffsetSrf with the Solid option and offset the outer tube surface to the inside by the wall thickness. I’m not sure, but I think the second option may be the only way to guarantee a uniform wall thickness everywhere.

Yea I feel like I have tried both of these. But maybe not?

I know when I revolve two squares in a circle, one for the outter and one for the inner— I try to boolean them and it just doesn’t work. They are two solids but they don’t seem to give me what I am looking for… what does work is revolving them not to 360 and boolean… I’ll post the file when I get around to it. Thanks for this.

That’s normal - Rhino doesn’t create “disjoint” solids by default. (i.e. where the inner volume does not touch the outer). You can force Rhino to do so by selecting the two closed polysurfaces and running NonManifoldMerge on them.

WOW thanks Helvetosaur, will try this