Rollback service releases

I would like to have a clear method for rolling back a service release if possible… There is a certain potential that service releases can break 3rd party plug-ins (as happened this week with V5) and in that case it would be good to send panicked clients a simple link/procedure to roll back their installation to the previous (working) service release until the 3rd party plug-in manufacturer is able to figure out what’s going on, fix the problem and issue an updated plug-in.

Thanks, --Mitch

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This is long overdue. History shows that such a feature is not needed often but is needed often enough that there should be no fuss, no muss, no bother to reverting to an earlier release.

I agree that this should be added. I could use it right now!

I don’t recall the specific reasons why it was not possible, but I pushed back when we lost the ability many years ago and recall getting a reasonable explanation.
Maybe @brian can describe the reasons when he comes up for air.

Bumping this again, as it is needed.