Rodent survey - what precise mouse for Rhino are you using?



Using Wacom Intuos A5 for 10 years. There is nothing better. If you get used to it it’s the same as running barefoot compared to jogging shoes. Just feels like wearing prostheses…


Until recently, the mouse I was using was a 15-ish year old Logitech MX510. The scroll button stopped working, so I’ve upgraded to a Logitech MX Master mouse. Fits wonderfully in my hand, sensitivity is good, and I can set the back/forward buttons to have different actions in Rhino - mine is currently set that Back acts as the Shift key, so I can orbit around the model, then hold Back and pan…it’s kind of like a poor man’s 3DConnexion.


Thanks for the tip, Joseph. I actually tend to only use the basic buttons on my mouse, my shortcuts are all assigned to keys on my 3D Connexion device. I couldn’t live without it.

I’ve switched to a MX Master since first replying in this thread. Its an update to the MX Performance and it is excellent. Most importantly for me the battery life is far better, it only needs charging every week or two. I still use my Wacom on occasion but mostly these days its the mouse.


Scotch 3M WR511 mousemat, wrist on the rubber coated gel pad, mouse can only be held so far away from the edge of that pad given length of ones fingers resting on the front two buttons, and I have a medium sized hand, takes L size Marigold washing up gloves and Nitrile gloves etc though , then pulling it backwards sees 10mm traversed then touches pad.
so a long mouse is already with its bum against the barrier before even being moved .

I am using a G100s set on fast, Logitech were helpful in this and said this is the one, adjust speed etc, gaming mouse feeds far more steps data to PC in 1mm move than a standard mouse. The change that occurred when Msoft went to win2000 from win98 saw standard mice with that rubber ball deliver a steppy line , Something in the OS change win95 v Win NT caused the effect., msoft admitted to me they were the cause, but never solved it in the OS.

Anyhow the quest to resolve this , for me, is the G100s,so I bought 5 of them !

with 2.4k views July 2017 clearly others are also keen to have a good mouse.


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I am using G.Skill RIPJAWS MX780 , this guide convinced me to buy that mice and i am telling you I have no regret at all,


Logitech M570