Robotic Fabrication with COMPAS FAB

May 25-26, 2023
Robotic Fabrication with COMPAS FAB, PAZ Central - ETH, Zurich
May 24.2023 - Pre-Compas, PAZ Central - Zurich

Digital Fabrication in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry requires seamlessly integrating diverse tools and software across various domains. COMPAS, a comprehensive open-source computational framework in Python, simplifies the integration of cutting-edge tools and streamlines multi-disciplinary workflows, making it easier for architects, designers, and researchers to adopt them within parametric design settings.

In this 2-day workshop, Gonzalo Casas of Gramazio Kohler Research - ETH will introduce participants to the COMPAS framework, showcasing its core functionality, extension packages, and compatibility with Rhino. Participants will then collaboratively explore a hands-on example focused on the robotic fabrication of a discrete assembly guided step-by-step.

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Posted Apr 28, 2023 by Carla Sologuren on Rhino News, etc.