Robert McNeel & Associates has abandoned Rhino 5

far too complex in some cases.

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:joy: Perfect!

Haha, if you really miss that, here is some more. The best part for me was the “update” note at the bottom of the interview :wink:


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It’s all fun and games now I just hope we are not invocating the devil here.

Jon Banquer is very smart, very knowledgeable, but hyperactive. He should be running CAD rating and CAD training website.

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Well, whatever tiny bit of credibility you still had here, you just lost it…


Play nice now boys!
No need to go all Trump on each other.

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I knew this would happen. First time I’ve seen it in real life. Cool. Living language and all that, right before our eyes.



At least he didn’t go all Postal on you.


love it. lol!
man, gotta remember to use it.

Yep, that usage is pretty Hillaryous…