Roads with fillets from centerlines

Hello everyone! I am trying to do roads with right fillets. Everything works nice on crossroads of two roads. But when the road has sharp 90 degree turn, outer radius has to be inner radius+width of the road. Outer radius copies inner radius now.
I have one idea about it: use list item to find all inner and all outer vertices and then give them necessary radius. But is it possible to fillet two lines at their connection point?

roads with (6.4 KB)

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What if you fillet the black lines first with a radius of \frac{5 + 11}{2} = 8, and then when you offset them they should automatically get the correct radius.

But I can’t at the moment open your file, so I’m not sure how your data is organised.


Great idea, thanks! It works! Made fillet in Rhino before setting lines in Grasshopper.