Road Junction Intersection

Hy Guys,

How would go about this problem?
I have 3 roads coming into a roundabout which have to be horizontal, but all roads approach it from different levels. It creates an intersection problem.

Is there a way to smoothly connect surfaces with roundabout surface, but still maintaining a control of centreline levels, so it is possible to adjust them if needed?

Thank you (11.3 KB) (24.1 KB) (deprecated) (22.6 KB)

Hi Joseph,
Thank you. It is what I though last night as well, but I found it difficult to combine individual parts into one surface.

I will try doing it with mesh maybe. It will be mesh at the end anyway…


I believe you’ll have less troubles if the connection surface is square or triangular rather than circle. This way you can use blend to connect the edges.

What about camber? You need to design for rain run off, particularly on your ‘horizontal’ roundabout.

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This may be helpful

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Thank you Jeremy it is a very good link and has lots of useful information.

Currently I am trying to develop a tool for building road networks on a conceptual level.
I made it work on a flat, now thinking how t make it work on more extreme terrains.

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I found and fixed a couple of errors in my code, then trimmed the roadways to end at the Roundabout’s edge. The yellow circle is just a visual aid, indicating the ‘maxEffect’ radius: (22.6 KB)