RMB Delayed Context Menu

Is there any way to get the delayed context menu on the RMB to bring up a list of the last X number of commands?

Hi Matt- not directly I think, but you can add _PopUpMenu to the context menu and when you click on that, you will get the MRU menu.


I don’t think MRU gets populated by commands called by drop down menus or anything typed at the command line?

I’m finding there are some commands I’m using sporadically that I call in this way, and it’s a PITA to do it repetitively when I’m a pop-up button type-person. I was hoping the RMB context menu might have given me a shortcut.

Hi Matt- the MRU menu, as in PopUpMenu, gets all commands - button, menu or typed. The MRU toolbar only gets button pushes. So PopUpMenu on the context menu will get more of your recent commands.


Ah, ok. That sounds more like it. How do I add _PopUpMenu to the context menu?

Hi Matt- OPtions > Context menu page- there are three- top level (no selection), Object (objects selected) and Control point (points selected My guess is you want the first one. Click Add, put in say, MRU as the menu item and _PopUpMenu as the macro to run.