RiR won't install

Hey there,

I got this message, and I am completely clueless… Anyone has an idea where the problem comes from?


Edit : complement that might help

I would uninstall the current RIR through control panel. Then try and install with the newest installer again. That may work.

Thank you for your reply, but trying to uninstall actually gives me the same error message…
It feels like I’m stuck with this version forever.
There are no files in the appdata folder either, as I saw people suggesting that on the forum :confused:

Yeah, so the problem is not the installer of the new one, but uninstall of the old one. I think @ehsan or @kike will need to chime in the files and settings that need to be removed.

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Maes -

You can give this troubleshooter a try, it can remove and fix specific problems with the installer: Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed

Worked perfectly, thank you very much !