RIR modeling visibility error

There is a difference in visibility between RIR modeling and revit modeling, but is there anyone who has noticed the error?
There is no problem printing when converting PDF, but there will be confusion in visibility when working, so it will be a problem when writing the drawing sheet.

I’m not following, are you assigning a particular Object Style in Rhino.Inside.Revit that isn’t showing as expected?

No, this is the default setting.

This seems like a Revit view setting, can you provide additional information on what is going on?

Uploading: test.rvt…
The difference is that RIR created a replica of a structural frame using an Excel sheet and modeled it using lines in a 2D plane. But I don’t think this has an effect on visibility.

You can privately upload here as well, please zip any large files.

Upload to McNeel

Yes, I uploaded it.

You can change the scale while you’re working if that’s the issue.

Well, it’s not just a scale change, but…If we need to make workers aware of this situation, there will be distrust in using RIR. crying

We can’t have anyone crying, tell me where it hurts. I need more detail on what the issue is to help.