RiR - Geometry doesn't translate to Revit properly

Hello Kike,

We are trying to move into architecture domain with Rhino.Inside Revit.

Previously, simple extrusions were fine.

But once the geomery became a little more than that, the mesh starts to become broken when showing.

I cleaned up the model to check that it doesn’t have any naked edges, and tried to clean the edges as much as possible. There are parametric perforations on a few panels, and they seem to cause issues as well.

I notice this happens with any models that has more than 2 points for a straight edge ( start pt / end pt / and any extra pts that are unnecessary ).
This would be architect’s fault for modelling it in a messy way.

When I clean the model thoroughly, it comes in clean. However certain parts just won’t - even after being cleaned.

Since “clean” modelling in Rhino is not a familiar concept to most architects, would it be possible to work around this problem?
And how should I handle perforated surfaces? ( UV projected parametric patterns )

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to handle the amount of all the models they would want on Rhino.Inside Revit.