RIR Detail group issues

I’ve been using the ‘Group Type’ component and have a few suggestions and comments for the development team:

  • The component says model group but it also works for detail groups. Might be good to add that to the description so that people know.

  • The component creates the group but it doesn’t place it. It would be good if this could be combined into a single component.

  • I’m not sure why, but after the detail group has been created, it is taking 40 sec to place a single group instance. Any idea why this would be so slow?

Typically these types of multiple transactions would remain separate, much like how families are handled currently; there is the New Component Family & subsequent Add Component (Location). This allows for more consistent interaction with Revit and flexible workflows in grasshopper.

Is this detail group being placed in a large project or a new file? I’ve seen performance issues in Revit with detail groups in large projects. I’ll test this a bit and post any significant findings.

I don’t agree that this is typical Revit behaviour with multiple transactions. If I select multiple objects, be they model or detail elements, and create a group, Revit converts the selected elements into a single instance of the model/detail group. That is, it creates the group, deletes the elements and places the group in one process. It doesn’t create a group independently and require the user to delete the individual elements and then place the created group.

In any case, there is no way that placing a single group (of filled regions) should take 40sec. Something is drastically wrong. The group has already been created. The ‘modelGroup’ is only placing it and in my case, it is a single instance. It is just a test file so the model size is small without much information.

Please keep in mind what you are describing is a Revit UI workflow, these are grasshopper components which are subject to the API limitations: NewGroup creates a type, not an instance like through the UI.

I’m well aware of Revit’s API limitations but this is not an API limitation. My suggestion to the development team was that the component be modified to combine the various processes. This might require multiple transactions but I don’t see why that shouldn’t be possible within one component. Or am I missing something?

This is exactly the behaviour of Clockwork’s Group.ByElements node.

I hear what you are saying, that it should act like say a Revit Assembly component for instance, where the elements are replaced in the model/view by the newly created Assembly Element.

I will add a request for an additional component that instead of just making a type would delete the referenced geometry in Revit & replace with the group at that location only.

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