RiR "Baking" progress bar stuck

Maybe this is a bug, not sure, but I’ve been using RiR to bake Revit geometry into Rhino using the graphical element component. I’m working on aviation projects so the files are large. The baking logic with layers, materials, etc. is really amazing, but the progress bar at the bottom right hand corner of the Rhino UI seems so arbitrarily get stuck at certain percentages even when it appears the baking process has been completed. This is more likely to happen when baking large projects, but again, no apparent issues with the geometry baking process itself.

Scratch that, there are definitely some missing geometries, just didn’t notice them. Think the issue is actually the baking getting stuck.

Are you connecting the graphical element to element geometry node?

No, baking directly from the Graphical Element component to maintain the layer structure and properties that are built into that component for baking. The Element Geometry node strips all of that data and turns it into raw Rhino geometry, so that detracts from the workflow.

There are probably some complex imported geometries being factored.

Can you filter by various categories to figure out where things are slow? Once you identify the category can you step through or half the list to figure out the bad actors?