Ring intersection problem

Hey! Im having problems filling a ring. Im trying to make a difference between the ring mesh and a square mesh in order to later joining the difference or intersection between them with the ring mesh. Here some photos for better understanding EMPTY RING
ring with mesh

Can you please post a file?

Yes, sure here you have the rhino file.

Yes sure here you have the rhino file

Hello - you can Mesh or ExtractRenderMesh the SubD object and use MeshBooleanDifference - in theory - but the ring mesh is messy - it has non-manifold edges. It might all work with a cleaner mesh. For now, use MeshSplit a couple of times until you get the thing split into all the necessary pieces and then Join as needed.


So the goal is to fill the inside of the lion ring?

Okay thank you Pascal, i will try.

Yes, how would you do it?

QuadRemesh the lion and then intersect

You want to fill the inside void, right?

Yes indeed. The thing is, I also want the filling surface not to be plane. I want it to have some curve that follows the curve of the lion head inside.What would yo do? I tried mesh difference but it broked the fill i just did.

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Well it took a bit of back and forth and fixing a few mesh holes and we got this SubD …

lion.3dm (12.8 MB)

A few Rhino commands in between …

Send me a ring please :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your time Martin. Really helped me your answer. The only thing i noticed is that applying QuadRemesh the model lost a lot of details, that in order to print 3D wont work that well. Anyway it really helped . Thank you!