Right Click problems after update download

Have just downloaded the update and now when ever I right click rotate or right click shift the display chages to a box wire frame for each curve making it impossible to understand.

Strange. I’m not sure I fully understand the issue, but I suspect I “get it.” Does this happen in all Viewport Display modes (Shaded, Rendered, etc.) or just specific display modes?

Please send along your Info (navigate to Rhinoceros > About Rhinoceros > More Info > Copy to clipboard… and paste in a reply here) as that might help us find something amiss.

Hi Dan,
I found the problem…me. I switched on the BBox Display in the Display panel. Then to top it off I posted my question on the wrong forum of Rhino for Mac.
Apoligies for giving you the run around.

Ok, good. No problem. Glad you figured out the issue.