Right click not working as enter for mirroring

Hey I can’t believe how far rhino for mac has come since I last tried it.

Just a small annoyance to report. I’m using a wacom tablet and use the right click to repeat commands and generally as a replacement for the enter key. When mirroring I type 0 as the start plane and then right click it drops the tool instead of accepting that as the start point. Using the enter key here works fine.

Also on rhino for windows I use ctrl-H to hide objects. Using cmd-H on rhino for mac hides the whole window. Is that osx behaviour that I need to change or rhino?


Command h is an OSX setting. You can change that in system preferences.

I mostly use this style of custom aliases:

H: Hide
HH: ShowSelected (Unhide some, but NOT all)
G: Group
GG Ungroup
M: Move
C: Copy
RT: Rotate
RTT: Rotate 3D
S: Scale1D
SS: Scale2D
SSS: Scale3D