Right Click-Menu Prompt direction of options setting uniform?

Is there a setting or a way to set your right click options to have uniform prompt menus that only show below or only show above the cursor?

Another way of explaining what I am asking. Right click layer name, I would like to have the options only show below the cursor. Instead of starting the menu from the cursor extending the box up or down. This way, I can set a macro/keyboardkey to rename a layer by…Right click, up,up,up,up,up,up, left click. If it is not unform up or down I cannot do this types of macros.

It seems there should be a setting. Maybe in workspace editor?

Just left clicking once on the layer name to select it, waiting a quarter of a second, then clicking again and typing isn’t handy enough? (You just need to hesitate long enough between the two clicks on the layer name to not make a double click). If the layer is already selected, only one click is necessary.


Yes Mitch, I see. But what am I gonna do while I wait? As you say, it is a 1/4 second! Just kidding. Also, clicking tends to make my hand sore, since I got these new buttons below the spacebar, moving cursor and hitting a button seems pretty erginomical! I’m just kidding. I also do tend to mess this up every other time, just as in photoshop ands it tends to be 1.5 seconds after the third click.

Actually, yes, when your pointer finger wears out, that is what moving the cursor with a few of your fingers, and hitting a button with your pinkie will save from carpal tunnel. Doing repetitive tasks, will do this. There are plenty of reasons not to use your mouse clicking all day, but no it is not a necessity obviously.

ANyways, what I am refering to in asking to see if there is a setting that will change all right click prompts. Not just rename, but every suboption when a name is right clicked, which some do not have commands.

Also, not just right clicking the name, but every right click prompt in rhino. I was just asking if there is a way to change this. I’ma keep digging. I know you can change your menu layout in workspace editor, and choose various options for how a toolbar functions, but…

Certain dockable items will either display from top, bottom or middle so that the entire prompt can be read without redocking. Same goes for the layers. The Top menu options appear to only show extending down from the cursor, and I was wondering if this can be done with dockable item’s menus?

The workaround is a image search macro (external program, Pulover’s macro creator), where I would crop the rename. Which isn’t bad. I am getting better at these macros.