Right click for 'Points Off' disabled

Version 5.0 Wenatchee 2014-02-11 (502)

The right click on ‘Edit Points’ button to turn off point display was a welcome addition to the recent updates, but on this version this function seems to be disabled. Also, right clicking the Lock button to ‘Unlock all objects’ was disabled as well, when it was working perfectly on the previous update.

Please bring these features back, thank you?

(Upon reading other threads I understand the F10 and F11 keys are used for toggling point visibility. I’d still like to have that right click feature incorporated, unless there is a stronger reason not to.)

There’s two different issues here.

This wasn’t added recently, but has been lurking there for quite a while. This is a “right click to cancel something” in Rhino. Windows Rhino has horribly overloaded the right click button with all kinds of non-standard behavior. It was (and still is) a bad idea, and it is hard to subvert the Mac OS into that bad behavior. On the Mac, right click means “show the context menu”. That’s it.

There is a fundamental difference in how OS X and MS Windows are programmed that make trapping a right click, regardless of where it occurs, difficult to impossible to do on OS X.

For this particular case, you probably need to display the command options in a dialog, and not have the command options in the sidebar. In Rhinoceros > Preferences > Themes, select Custom then select Use command options dialog. Start a new modeling window. This particular right click will probably work better.

There is a preferences setting for this, and has always been there. I don’t know how your preferences setting was changed. In Rhinoceros > Preferences > Tool Palette, you want to change the “Execute alternate command when:” setting. The default for this setting is “Option Left click”. See the box icon to the right of that line? Right click that box. The setting will change to “Right click”.

I think the solution for my problem lies in the second half of your reply. Yeah, I didn’t know/realise about the ‘execute alternate command’ feature. Thanks for the insight.

I am also trying to toggle POINTS on/off. If I understood correctly for the Users Manual, the F10 + F11 Buttons on the MAC are the keyboard shortcuts, however when I am in Rhino, the “F” keys continue to function to control my MAC and not Rhino commands, for example, the F10 + F11 Buttons bring up the speaker volume control rather than have anything to do with Rhino.

Ideally I would like to re-program those “hotkeys” anyway, since the F keys are a bit of a hand-stretch and I use the Points alot to align things. Is it possible to make a hotkey that is both OFF & ON the way the alt key is for Osnaps?