Rich text anomolies

While typing within my drawing border the cursor is erratic.

I can’t return to the next line, I have to type a letter or word then drop it down to the next level.

Also, the cursor moves to the end of all text when doing the above so it becomes cumbersome to type a few lines of text.

There are also issues with font sizes when printing…



@Alain Is this on your list?

This is new. I’ll look at it today:
Thanks for reporting it.

I checked in a fix for RH-36394 this morning.

RH-36394 is fixed in the latest WIP

Hi @brian,

There still seems to be an anomaly in the text formatting? The text is different sizes when printed to PDF.

If you look at the three lines of text in the title block there are different sizes still but it all seems OK within the editor:

I’ve checked both sets and they are the same size:

The raster output is correct:


Hi @2DCube can you please attach 3DM files, PDF files, and any settings you use when exporting from Rhino WIP. The more details you can provide, the easier it will be for us to reproduce and fix.

Please attach any files to this Discourse post, or to the bug I just logged: RH-36984.

Hi Brian,

Could you send me your email so I can send them to you privately, please?