Riccardo La Magna, Philipp Längst and Gregory Quinn | IASS 2017 Pre-Symposium Master Class - September 22-24, Hamburg (Germany)

Exploring Software Approaches in Simulating Bending-Active Systems
September 22-24, 2017
Hamburg (Germany)

Riccardo La Magna, Philipp Längst, and Gregory Quinn will host a Master Class at the IASS 2017 Conference in Hamburg, Germany.

The workshop will explore and compare three different software and simulation approaches for the form finding and analysis of bending-active structures. All three simulation methods will use Rhino and Grasshopper as an interface. This will facilitate the generating and comparing of input and output geometries for the form finding process.

The three methods introduced in the Master Class will be:

Mesh based: FEM - Sofistik
NURBS based: IGA - Carat++
Vector based: DR - Kangaroo

The last day to register for the Master Class is July 15, 2017.

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Posted Jul 07, 2017 by Elena Caneva on Rhino News, etc.