Ribbon facade

Hello! Please help me with a solution for the facade of a building that does not look massive or heavy due to line offsets - the concrete floor structures are not in the same plane and alternate with ribbon glazing.

It is clear that these ribbons line up along rectangular contours, but the problem and question is how can these ribbons be transferred to the new facade in a more complex volume-planning configuration? What can be used for this procedure?

Files attached:
Dominion.gh (128.8 KB)
Facade - Dominion Tower building

You’ve forgotten to internalize the geometry!

OK, how can it be assimilated? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Right-click the components that have references geometry from Rhino and select Internalize data, or provide a 3DM along with your Grasshopper file.

Oh, you mean this. The model weighs 29 MB and won’t load here

OK, I’ll try uploading the 3DM model now

I have sent a link to download the file

This should work, although it is not perfect!

Dominion2.gh (257.9 KB)


Wow, super! You have helped me a lot! Thank you so much! What would I do without your help.