Ribbit! said the little frog

Many, many moons ago there was a render for Rhino called Treefrog. IIRC it was what later transmogrified into Neon (may it rest in peace!). So here’s a little Sub-D and PBR frog in remembrance of the Treefrog render. Kudos to @nathanletwory (and all the other devs, of course!) for giving us users the ability to create renderings like this straight out of Rhino. I’m not cancelling my Keyshot subscription just yet, but more and more WIP renderings are made directly in Rhino - that’s neat :grinning:


Actually, Treefrog was used as the very basis for Toucan which became the Rhino Renderer in v4.

Neon had its genesis in the Brazil project. Neon (or rather the underlying renderer “Resin”) was really Brazil r/s 3

Cycles development began from Neon. But of course the rendering engine has nothing to do with Brazil.


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Thanks for setting the record straight, @andy! :+1: