RhinoWorks alternatives?

Hello all,

Regarding this topic, I have tried RhinoWorks 3.0 demo and I couldn’t accomplish the result I was going for.
Do you know of any alternatives? I strongly suggest that a complete solution for constraints and actuators should be developed by McNeel. It is an important part of 3d modeling, namely if you are working with objects that need to be positioned in relation to each others - assembled - or inserted as a block instances, for example.

All the best;

What is it that you are trying to accomplish that you were not able to accomplish with RhinoWorks?

It seems you can’t use any constraint with an irregular curve (control points) and derived shapes, such as a sweep.

So it is impossible to create a mechanical reading head as in a pantograph or in the pattern reader for your sawing machine, as long as you´re trying to read irregular shapes, which is exactly what is needed - not everything can be drawn with arcs and lines.