RhinoWIP crashes when adding new material

I download last WIP, it do not crash… it opens… but when opening material panel, it crashes.
If it is a new file, panel is opening without materials, but when clicking on + it crashes.
Rhino crash.txt (146.6 KB)
It seem to be the panel which make it crashes, because if opening a file with a render viewport and a material previously created and applied (into V6), the render viewport looks good…and it is only when opening the material panel that it crashes

Hope it could helps you…

This looks like a crash while Rhino is trying to compile an OpenGL shader. @DavidEranen, something for you to look at?

There seem to be some crash in Cycles after all during BVH build.

@dan, can you perhaps test adding a material in the material panel on the 10.13.6 machine? Would be great if you are able to reproduce the crash.

@antoine when you open an empty document but not open the material panel, are you able to switch any viewport to Raytraced? Maybe add a Box or Torus just for kicks before switching.

@nathanletwory I open new file create a box, and when choosing Raytrace mode, it crashes ( Rhino crash 2.txt (132.5 KB)
I also test with every other modes, and they all works, excepted Raytraced…

@nathanletwory this morning I had a similar crashes on my v6, on launching Raytrace mode in my viewport…
Maybe both are similar problems…
Rhinocrash V6.txt (153.2 KB)

Thanks for reporting. This rules out my initial idea. Got to dig deeper then.

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@nathanletwory I made a very small test, with a new file, without loading materials, and creating no objects in the scene, just switching to Raytrace mode, it crash, so it is not when loading custom mat, but when loading libraries of Cycles render…even with an empty scene
Did you had some time to investigate ?
Thanks for your help

@antoine I am still investigating. Trouble is that this works on all Mac machines I have access to. They are all on Catalina 10.15.something though, not 10.13.6 .

I’ll poke @dan again to see if he can reproduce the problem.

@nathanletwory, @dan, I would like to know if you had some ideas to solve my compatibility problem regarding the OS 10.13.6 compatibility.
I had an idea, but maybe it is fake idea :slight_smile: … If I use bootcamp on my 10.13.6, and use V7 WIP… will it work better, or bootcamp will still use the 10.13.6 drivers underneath?

Best regards

I have no working knowledge of bootcamp. I only know of its existance.

Sorry this took so long to reproduce, but I was able to reproduce the crash on macOS 10.13.6. Logged here:

RH-57094 Crash when viewing Materials panel in macOS 10.13.6

Thanks for reporting this Antoine.

@nathanletwory fixed this issue. The fix will be in the next RhinoWIP.

thanks a lot @dan and @nathanletwory … i’ll let you know my feedback once last Wip release

Hey @antoine if you’d like to test out a build-of-the-day you are welcome to. It might have other bugs of course :wink:

Hey maybe this is related:

The newest RH7 freezes when clicking on the materials category, after selecting an imported and placed .pdf-File… Happens every time

Cheers, Rudi

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